Couponing Hints

When I first started out, I used a plain envelope and only clipped the coupons that I thought I would use. Normally, I'd forget the coupons at home or rip open the envelope and have coupons all over my purse. I then upgraded to a extendable coupon organizer that I purchased at a grocery store (No Frills, to be exact). This was more successful, but I was still "the old lady flipping through each and every coupon in each and every aisle of Wal-Mart"...yup, that was me. I didn't think that I wanted to go to the extremes of a coupon binder, but I did. I started off with a 3" binder that I found in a box in a basement labeled "Wes's School Stuff". I emptied his notes and went to Wal-Mart to buy two packages of baseball card holders (front of the store, by the baseball cards). It took me at least two weeks to finally sit down and organize my binder. After I was finished, I thought it looked mighty chaotic. After all, I scrapbook too and enjoy neat pages! Anyway, after my first trip to the store, I was sold! It was so convenient to have all of my coupons laid out on the pages in front of me. Flipping through was super simple and quick. I began clipping every single coupon in the paper, just incase I came across some awesome freebies! Anyway, if you really want to make couponing easy, this is what I recommend.

When I've been walking through the aisles at a store, I've gotten some grunts and moans, along with other little comments under someone's breath. In Target once, a lady saw me and said "Oh, Extreme Couponing, huh?" My response was: "Nope, just really organized!" (I only had two items in my cart at this point).

Here's some helpful hints for couponing:

1) Subscribe to the Sunday paper or make it habit to run to the gas station on Sunday mornings;

2) Clip every coupon;

3) Organize coupons yourself so you're familiar with what you have;

4) Get one copy of inserts for each person in your household. We get two: one delivered on Sundays and Wes gets the store copy from Menards;

5) Download printable coupons from the internet at the beginning of each month (they do run out) I do recommend signing up for Swag Bucks so you can earn points to redeem for prizes. Use this link:

6) Check Target's store coupons each week- these have unlimited prints and may be stacked with manufacturer coupons; and

7) HAVE FUN! Once you make couponing a chore, you won't be able to enjoy the benefits of saving money!